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Image 7 of A bridge between basic Carreras and their more specialised brethren, the GTS is quickly gaining a reputation of being the ultimate goldilocks Image 8 of Even high-performance supercars can be bought on finance today. Image 9 of The second-generation Porsche Panamera four-door saloon has ditched the controversial styling of its predecessor and now looks — and drives — much like a large As the name suggests, the Panamera 4 comes with four-wheel drive, and the manufacturer also incorporates a generous amount of kit as standard, including adaptive cruise control.

Image 10 of Bentley caused quite a stir when it announced it was building an SUV.

The W12 delivers plenty of power, but the diesel V8 gives the best mix between performance and daily usability. Image 11 of Image 12 of Image 13 of So, a business enjoys the benefits of driving a new car, for an agreed period just without all the downsides associated with a traditional business bank loan or cash purchase.

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Best new car deals – today's top finance offers on some evo favourites Sitting near or at the top of their respective line-ups, performance variants are. Owning a sports car is part of the American dream, at least for many information about outstanding sports car lease and finance deals for the.

To calculate the total balance payable, Business Contract Hire is easily understood when split into two-parts. If preferred, increasing the Initial Payment reduces usually on a pro-rata basis the annual expenditure a business needs to make. The costs of Road tax are also included for the duration of the contract making administration of a vehicle so much easier.

Projected annual mileages can be fine-tuned to suit the needs of each individual driver, with peace of mind coverage for those that exceed the pre-agreed amount in the form of a reasonable pence per mile charge for excess. Not having to invest large amounts of business working capital into a car can be beneficial, especially if these reserves can be reinvested or redeployed effectively into another area of the business.

We have a wide range of options on Initial Payment starting with just 3 times the monthly rental, but also options at 6, 9 or even 12 rentals in advance. In most cases for an additional monthly cost, Business Contract Hire agreements provide the option to include a maintenance package.

Maintenance packages offer comprehensive cover including routine servicing, replacement brake pads, replacement tyres excluding damage sustained from theft, malicious or 3rd party damage , batteries, exhausts and in fact all other parts that are subject to fair wear and tear.

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All scheduled maintenance work can be carried out by the main retailer network, usually at a retailer of choice. Often maintenance packages can also save a business time, certainly those without fleet manager.

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There are flexible options on initial payment, followed by further monthly repayments over an agreed period. Remember the moment when you purchased your last car, it was a nice feeling, the smell of the new interior or the unblemished coat of paint all added to the experience.

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Image 25 of Friend's email. That helps to give the car a very relaxing feel inside, which is only helped by the effortless and refined way the engines whisk this huge car around. Can I finish PCP early pay off or cancel? Image 8 of

Perhaps using your own cash or some sort of loan, possibly even a hire purchase with a cash deposit or the balance from a part exchange? You paid the asking price or maybe you haggled for deal, perhaps you settled on an older model or a nearly new car where that big saving off the list price seemed good idea at the time?

Probably not!

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